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Dr. Ben Breidenbach
Your La Crosse Chiropractor


My daughter suffered a “shoulder” injury a year ago and continued to have numbness, tingling, cramping, loss of strength throughout her arm and upper back. We went through several orthos and physical therapy, with the last words of advice being Rest and PT… So, I called my longtime friend Dr. Ben and he immediately knew what to do. We drove over 2 hours to see Dr. Ben and his Digital Motion X-ray. Dr. Ben and Cody were able to identify the problem in the spine (not the shoulder) and gave us some REAL advice on how to fix the problem that has been plaguing my daughter. I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Ben and his team at Breidenbach Family & Sports Chiropractic!!! My daughter now has hope, to again, chase her dream of playing volleyball/basketball at the college level. Thanks!!!


MOTHER ERIN STATES: "On December 3rd, 2014 our six year old daughter, Elizabeth fell on the playground at school. She hit the top of her forehead. She immediately had bad headaches and neck aches. A week later her headaches got very sever. In the week to follow we saw three different doctors and each had a different theory as to what was causing her pain. We finally ended up with pediatric neurology. They said that her pain was not related to her fall and she was having migraines and that it was "just a coincidence" that they started around the same time as her fall. Over the three months her pain continued. She had a CT scan, MRI, and a lumbar puncture, all of which did not show any cause for her pain. She was put on numerous medications to help with the pain, none of which helped. We kept asking the physicians about her neck as the majority of her pain was in her neck. We were told that migraine pain can travel to the neck. However, we felt that it was neck pain migrating to her head.

In the back of my head this whole time I kept thinking of a chiropractor that a Facebook friend of mine has raved about for years. She has always said that she has done great things for her children. After being told by neurology that they didn't know what else to do for our daughter, we sought out this chiropractor my friend had been talking about, Dr. Amy.

At the initial appointment, Elizabeth had several x rays taken. Dr. Amy told us that from analyzing these x rays and from the physical examination, there was indication that Elizabeth had ligament damage to her neck. She recommended doing a Digital Motion X ray as this would show very specifically where the damage could be so she could treat Elizabeth based on the hard evidence and not just guessing. She explained that treating blindly could be harmful as well.

The DMX was AMAZING! I was able to go into the room (as they have a specific area blocked off just for others to be in the room) with Elizabeth as the images were being taken and I could see for myself that things were definitely not right with Elizabeth's neck! Within a few days Dr. Amy and Dr. Ben had the results of the DMX and a detailed treatment plan all laid out for us. This was the first time in months that we had any real evidence of injury. It also went along with our belief that Elizabeth's pain was related to her fall and that the problem was in her neck.

The thing that really impressed us was that Dr. Amy goes off of the hard evidence she collects to base her treatments on. She refers to the x rays on a big screen monitor as she is adjusting to ensure her adjustments are spot on. These things make us feel very safe in trusting our daughter to her hands.

We are very happy to report that after about two weeks of treatments and specific exercises Elizabeth's headaches and neck pain were gone! Yes, gone. We are so very grateful to Dr. Amy and her amazing staff for everything they have given back to us!"


MOTHER CINDY STATES:"Wow! Is all I can say about Dr. Ben Breidenbach, his staff and their amazing DMX scan!!

As I take my daughter to her fist movie in almost two years, watch her ride a bike, swing, roller skate, attend church and even go for a car ride all of which we never thought we would be able to do at least without major issues. Now we can be considered part of everyday life again. I write this testimonial because this is only possible with Dr. Ben Breidenbach, his staff's help, and a scan called Digital Motion X ray (DMX).

Our family had never been to a chiropractor before and reluctantly never had planned to. I was brought up as kind of a skeptic of chiropractors. I really thought that they were not real doctors and that once your start going to a chiropractor you will never stop going because they are not able to solve the problem, but just want you to keep coming back and paying your bill. MAN WAS I WRONG!!!!

It was on a Friday night when my 13 year old daughter was hit in the head with a football. We did not take her to the doctor instantly because she said it wasn't that bad, it just hurt a little and gave her a headache. Monday she said she was fine to go to school, I was a little worried but let her go. At the end of the day she was pretty wiped out and came home and went to bed very early. As the week went on, many things that seemed simple appeared to become more and more of a struggle at least from a mom's point of view. I noticed she was having more difficulty with her reading, writing, focusing and balance.

We took her to her pediatrician just to be sure there was nothing more serious we were missing. The Doctor then diagnosed her with a concussion. We were told for a quicker recovery she should stay home from school for two weeks and rest with no strenuous thinking. Thinking this may be more serious than we thought we followed his instructions. Things actually seemed to be getting worse and we thought that all of this non thinking and resting was weakening her senses and we took her back to the doctor. The doctor mentioned concussions were very difficult to measure and predict how long they will take to heal. We once again went along with him for another two weeks, once again no positive change.

Our life at this point consisted of leaving all the curtains in the house shut because the light hurt her head. She tried so hard to be able to do things, so she wanted to get out and walk around so we thought we would just walk around in a store, wrong! The car ride alone made her dizzy, the lights in the store and all the different merchandise on the shelves messed with her so bad that I had to take her by the arm and help her back to the car. It was to the point if she was sleeping, we left her sleep because otherwise she was miserable.

Looking for more answers I searched the internet, asked family and friends and other doctors. One of our second opinions said that there is a concussion clinic in May Rochester that may help us understand the lasting and possible permanent effects of a concussion. A friend also suggested physical therapy that may help with rebuilding her balance and focus. We also went through with a very expensive option of an MRI that may show us something internally that we cannot see. Another option we took was an optical approach. She was prescribed glasses that would help to realign her eyesight with a special prism in the lenses. This helped tremendously with many of the issues but she still experienced extreme headaches and sensitivity to light and motion. We tried all of these as well as our original instruction of no strenuous thinking and lots of rest. Now that we have a box of homemade pot holders, friendship bracelets and knitted hats after a year of no answers I knew there had to be some other way. Along with the fact she was missing an incredible amount of school.

On a whim, I called Dr. Breidenbach's office only because their sign mentioned family and sports chiropractic. The word family meant everything to me and concussions happen many times in sports so maybe they have heard of such a situation before. We made our visit still being skeptical, Dr. Ben mentioned there was a scan we could do that was better than a regular x ray, because it was a digital moving x ray, also know as DMX, but that is would be considered a fairly expensive step but totally noninvasive. I was like okay another chunk of money out the door for a dead end. It was funny because he knew what I was thinking and did not push the issue at all. He took the regular x ray that would be considered normal protocol and could show us there was a slight misalignment that could be adjusted with a few chiropractic visits. We went with the DMX and found that my daughters head actually experienced more like a whiplash effect that knocked her head three inches off of where it usually connects to her spine and had a spot in her neck that rotated off of its pivot point instead of flexing like it should.

This is our one month update since seeing Dr. Ben!

  • Rebecca's smile is back - Missing since Sept 2013
  • Rebecca has not missed a day of school since Oct 7, 2014 - Previously missing at least one day every seven days this school year and almost all of her sixth grade year.
  • Rebecca is more happily active with backyard sports Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Swinging...:) - Previously attempts to these activities were short lived and came with consequences later in the day of dizziness and extreme headaches.
  • Rebecca's headaches are almost eliminated, and if they do occur they are much shorter and less intense. :) - Previously severe headaches were constant and controlled her life. Even taking four Aleve a day to try and lessen them we were not getting anywhere. Rebecca's previous experience was very evident in the mornings and evenings. Even just sitting up in the morning was intense; it would take us about an 1 1/2 just for getting out of bed, still reluctantly. Bed time was at the latest 6:30. Both mornings and evenings were full of screaming and crying everyday for a year and a half.
  • Rebecca now is excited to go places like shopping or restaurants and visiting people. :) - Since September 20, 2013 until our visits with Dr. Ben anything outside of our home including the outdoors, were triggers for misery. Everything from the sun, fast movements of herself or anything around her, lighting, colors and noise. This meant 25 watt light bulbs throughout our home and the blinds pulled 24/7. No car rides, No store, No restaurants, No church, No TV or movies.
  • Rebecca's school work is coming more easily to her again. She still shows some signs of memory trouble but she is attending ALL CLASSES and COMPLETING ALL REGULAR ASSIGNMENTS!! :) - During the last school year (2013-2014) , Rebecca was told to stay home, rest and not have any brain strain. No thinking, low lighting, lots of sleep and absolutely no activity. We followed this completely from the end of September until January when we were in discussions with the school on making it still possible for Rebecca to move on to the next grade level and not be held back. In January we started sending Rebecca to school only for Math. She went in the building when all other students were not in the hallways and only did math assignments if she felt it possible. I then picked her up just before classes would get out. Long story short by June we had integrated math, social studies, science and language. She was never able to participate in Physical Education or Band. All other classes had no expectations of completed assignments or projects, absolutely no classroom or state testing. The summer went a little better without the brain strain of school.